6 myths about cloth nappies (debunked!)

Like most people, when we first thought about using cloth nappies we had a few pre-conceptions about them. Perhaps like us, you worry you’ll spend all of your time washing, you’ll find them overcomplicated, or they’ll cost you a fortune to buy. Thankfully, none of these things are true! If you’re considering using cloth nappies but are put off by thinking that they’re dirty, difficult and expensive, it’s time to bust some myths.

Myth #1: Cloth nappies are difficult to use

If you're new to cloth nappies, you might feel apprehensive about using them. The traditional idea of a reusable nappy is the folded terry square that our grandmothers would have used. Like many people, you might think this is the only style of nappy that’s available and that you’ll have to learn complicated folds and use safety pins on a squirming baby.

But don't worry! Cloth nappies have evolved, and most of today's nappies are designed to be user-friendly. They work in much the same way as disposable nappies, with just a few minor differences in how they fit. Once you get the hang of it, it's no more difficult than using a disposable.

Myth #2: Cloth nappies are less hygienic than disposables

Dealing with dirty nappies of any kind may not be the most pleasant experience, but there is a common belief that reusable nappies are less hygienic than disposables. This is definitely a myth! All you need to do is pop any solids down the toilet once your little one has started weaning, which is usually as simple as shaking a little over the toilet. And did you know that you’re actually supposed to do that with your disposable nappies too?

Once the solids are down the toilet, you can place your nappies in a waterproof or mesh bag inside a bucket to be stored. When it comes to washing, all you have to do is move the wet bag and put it, open, into the washing machine. You don't need to touch dirty nappies at all!

If you’re worried about smells, you’ll be pleased to know that many parents find cloth nappies less smelly than disposable nappies. If you keep your wet bag or bucket open to the air, you’re unlikely to get any smells from your nappies while they're waiting to be washed.

Of course, it is important to ensure that your cloth nappies are being properly cleaned, which brings us to the next myth…

Myth #3: Cloth nappies are difficult to wash

One area that you might be concerned about is how to wash your cloth nappies. You may have heard that cloth nappies need to be soaked and bleached, but that's a very old-fashioned method of washing. Soaking nappies is a thing of the past!

Nowadays, you simply store your nappies dry in a waterproof bag or bucket before washing them in your machine. It's important to wash nappies well so that they remain hygienic and safe for your baby's sensitive skin, but it's very straightforward once you learn how to do it. We have a helpful guide to washing nappies that takes you through it step-by-step. We promise it's not much more complicated than washing clothes.

Myth #4: Cloth nappies are bulky and unattractive

Are you worried that cloth nappies will make your little one look like they're wearing a giant, bulky nappy? Fear not! While classic terry cloth nappies can be a little bulky, especially on small babies, modern cloth nappies are designed to be slim and neat. Most are slim enough to fit under clothing from high street brands.

Plus, there's no need to worry about your baby hitting their milestones any slower than their disposable nappy-wearing friends. Cloth nappy babies are just as active and usually hit their milestones no later than babies wearing disposables.

What’s more, cloth nappies come in all sorts of fun colours and patterns, which makes them a lot more attractive than disposable nappies. Our pocket nappies come in prints designed by our founder Aless, and we think they’re some of the most beautiful nappies out there!

Myth #5: Cloth nappies leak

If you've ever dealt with a newborn poonami (you know the ones we mean...), you'll know how important it is to have a reliable nappy. Well, good news! Reusable nappies are often bombproof when it comes to leaks. The strong elastics and fabrics work much better than disposables, making them super reliable. Not only does this save on washing clothes, but it actually means nappy changes are often more hygienic.

And don't believe the myth that cloth nappies are less absorbent than disposables. With the right mix of absorbent fabrics and clever design, many modern cloth nappies are equally, if not more, absorbent than disposable nappies.

Myth #6: Cloth nappies are too expensive

The idea of spending a lot of money can put some people off investing in cloth nappies. But while the upfront cost may seem daunting, over the long run, cloth nappies can save you quite a bit of money. In this blog post, we worked out that you will likely save at least £70 by using reusable nappies, depending on the type of nappy you choose to buy. And if you use them for more than one child (as many parents do), you could be saving hundreds of pounds.

But we get it - even the upfront cost can be a bit intimidating. Happily, there are some affordable ways to build your stash of nappies:

  • Try starting with one or two nappies and buy more over time
  • Buy preloved nappies online or from a friend
  • Look into affordable options. Flat nappies like muslins and terries can be as cheap as £1 each.

So there you have it - cloth nappies are a practical, hygienic, and attractive option for parents who want to save money and reduce waste. Don't let myths about cloth nappies put you off - give them a try and see how they can benefit you and your baby!

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