Washing and Care

If you have any queries regarding washing and care, please send us an email at hello@pimpamshop.co.uk


Before using a new nappy

All items have to be washed prior to use. Wash it at least twice, the bamboo insert will get more absorbent over time. Do a short rinse cycle using a mild detergent.

Preparing to wash

Remove all solids, flush them & put the disposable liners in the bin. Don't keep soiled nappies in the dry pail or waterproof bag for more than 3 days.

Pre-rinse or Pre-wash

Pre-wash the nappies on a rinse cycle with no detergent.

Main Wash

We recommend washing the waterproof part of the nappy and the wet bag at 40°. A higher temperature will reduce the life span of your nappy over time. You can wash the inserts and wipes at 60°. We recommend washing powder over liquid. All of our washing instructions are recommendations and not strict guidelines. Obviously it comes down to personal preference on how you wash your nappies :) 


Line dry. Do not dry the nappies in a tumble dryer as this will reduce the life span of your nappies.