New to reusable nappies?

All you need to know to get you started

We have a lot of people new to reusable nappies asking what they'll need to get started so we have tried to make a simple guide of what you will need and what you need to know to get you on your way to becoming a cloth nappy pro! 

What you'll need 

  • For washing every 3 days we recommend around 20 nappies
  • A nappy bin or wet bag for dirty nappies
  • A nappy bin liner x 2 (mesh washing bag that lines the nappy bin) this means you put the bag with the dirty nappies straight into the washing machine so you don't need to touch them again. 
  • Liners - not essential but some people choose to use them because they help protect the nappy when dealing with poo as they generally catch most of it
  • A wet bag. These are great for storing used nappies when you're out and about.
  • A non-bio washing powder preferably unscented. 

Cloth nappy lingo 

  • Pocket nappies - These come in 2 parts - a waterproof outer shell and the absorbent inserts
  • Inserts - These are the absorbent part that sit inside the pocket. 
  • Liners - These are either reusable, generally made from fleece, or biodegradable. They sit on top of the fleece lining next to baby's skin and help catch the poos to protect your nappy. You can pop biodegradable liners in the bin and reusable liners in the wash with your dirty nappies. 
  • Snaps - The settings on the front of the nappy to adjust the size. 
  • Fleece - Most nappies are lined with fleece to provide a 'stay dry' layer next to the baby's skin
  • PUL - This stands for Polyurethane Laminate which is used on the nappy shell to make it waterproof. 

Step by step guide to using our pocket nappies 

  • Stuff the nappy with the 2 inserts provided (small insert on top)
  • Add liner on top of fleece lining (optional)
  • Adjust snap settings for the best fit for your baby
  • Make sure the leg elastic sits in the knicker line
  • Change nappy when it feels full or baby has done a poo
  • Place liner in the bin or if it's a reusable liner add to the nappy bin
  • Un-do any snaps 
  • A short rinse under the tap if needed
  • Add used nappy to the nappy bin until wash day
  • Wash nappy according to washing guidelines 
  • Dry nappy, ideally line-dry
  • Repeat all of the above :)