Nappy Fit Guide


Our pocket nappy comes with 2 inserts. The inserts slot into the pocket at the back. Use one or two depending on required absorbency. All of our inserts are a mix of bamboo terry layers and microfibre layers. 


3x4 snaps on the front. Take any of the three bottom rows of the snaps up to the top row of three to adjust sizing. Using the bottom row achieves the smallest fit. Using none of the snaps achieves the largest fit.


Here's our helpful guid to fitting your baby's nappy.

1. Lay baby on the nappy. Keep the back low just above the top of the baby's bottom, then bring the front of the nappy up just below the belly button.


2. Pinch the front of the nappy and push into this position. This ensures the nappy sits nicely in the knicker line.


3. Fasten the nappy at the waist. Lift the sides up and over rather than straight across. This allows a nice fit around the leg.


4. Fasten the waist snaps. Make sure the fit isn't too tight ensuring you can fit 2 or 3 fingers into the waistband.


5. Remove those wandering baby hands ;)


6. Tuck away any excess fabric at the waist. Make sure the tabs are tucked into the waistline.


7. If using the rise snaps, push your fingers up between the snaps and tuck the excess fabric up (rather than down). This helps prevent leaks at the front of the legs.


8. Tuck the leg elastics into the groin, where the elastics on a pair of pants would sit.


9. There should be no gaps at the thighs. Run fingers around the leg elastic to ensure the fit is snug but comfortable.


10. Double check the back of the nappy sits just above your baby's bottom.