All about using cloth nappies on holiday

Summer is here! And although the rain is still making an unwelcome appearance every few days, there’s some gorgeous sunshine and the promise of beach trips and ice creams just around the corner. Whether you’re heading abroad for sun, sea and sand, or taking a break a little closer to home, today we’re talking all things holidays. 

You might think that using cloth nappies on holiday is a total no-go, but if you’d like to give it a try it is very doable, and you’ll be able to make the most of your cloth nappy stash even while you’re away from home.

Tips for using cloth nappies on holiday

It probably goes without saying, but holidays are for resting so if the thought of bringing your reusables on holiday fills you with dread, then it’s absolutely fine to take a break! That being said, lots of families do want to use their nappies even on holiday, and if that’s you, here are a few tips to bear in mind before you jet off.

Tip 1: Planning 

You’ll need to do a bit of planning beforehand to work out which nappies you’re going to bring with you, so that you can be sure that you’re not having to carry dirty nappies with you more than necessary. Just before you leave, throw any remaining dirty nappies that you are leaving behind in the washing machine for a short wash, and hang out to dry. This will get them reasonably clean (to prevent stinks and mould while you’re away), and you can give them a proper wash when you get back.

Tip 2: Packing 

If you’re planning to use cloth nappies on holiday you might find that suitcase space fills up fast. Sticking to slim fitting nappies (like ours!) can really help. Another space-saving trick is to take fewer nappies than you would use at home. You’ll likely find that little one is able to spend more time nappy free, or is in swim nappies a lot, so you won’t get through as many as you would at home. If you’re heading to a hot country you’ll probably also find that your nappies dry much quicker, so you can have them back on bub sooner than at home.

If space is an issue, don’t forget that you can choose to go part time for your break. For example, you might want to use disposable nappies at night (especially since nighttime nappies are often bulkier). 

Tip 3: Travelling

A travel changing mat is a must-have for all parents, and comes in even more handy when you’re away from home. Our changing mats are slightly padded and have a layer of super soft cotton terry so even if you’re stuck changing bub on a hard airport floor, they’ll be comfortable. 

Tip 4: Swimming

If you’re likely to be beach- or pool-side for your holiday then reusable swim nappies are something that should definitely be in your suitcase. Reusable swim nappies are so much more reliable than their disposable cousins, reducing the need for messy clean up. They’re also a whole lot cuter - our range of swim nappies includes limited edition prints in collaboration with local brand Organic Zoo, so you can even match little one’s swim nappy to their jumper!

Washing reusable swim nappies is more straightforward than standard reusable nappies since they tend not to be as dirty. Drop any solids into the toilet, pop them in the machine for a rinse, and then top up with small items of white clothing, muslins and the like for a long wash at 40 degrees.

Wet bags are another useful addition to your beach bag, and not just for dirty nappies. These waterproof bags work wonderfully for containing damp swimsuits and towels, so it’s worth having a few on hand when you head for the water.

Tip 5: Washing 

If you want to use cloth nappies on holiday, having access to a decent washing machine will make your life a lot easier! While hand washing is possible, it will take up a chunk of your time and won’t make for the most restful holiday. Before you arrive at your destination, check what facilities are available where you’re staying. If you have space, you might want to bring a small pot of your normal laundry detergent to rule out the possibility of any wash issues. Otherwise, washing should be just the same as it is at home!

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