Everything you need to know about pocket nappies

It’s no secret that we love pocket nappies! We love how simple they are to use - so simple that they make a perfect beginner nappy. But if you’re new to cloth nappies you might be a little confused about what a pocket nappy is, so today we’re sharing everything you need to know about them, so you can get off to a flying start.


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What is a pocket nappy? 

A pocket nappy is a cloth nappy where the absorbent part of the nappy tucks inside a pocket on the waterproof outer. Usually there are one or two absorbent inserts. The waterproof outer is usually made of a pretty printed waterproof material, with a layer of stay dry fleece sitting against baby’s bottom.

What’s to love about pocket nappies?

There are so many great things about pocket nappies - here are just a few:

  1. They’re simple! Compared to the complicated folded cloth nappies of the past, pocket nappies are much easier to use. They go on and off like a disposable nappy and there’s minimal work at change time. The stay dry fleece on the inside of the nappy even means you don’t need to faff with fleece liners. All of this also makes them great for childcare.

  2. They’re flexible. Since the absorbent part of the nappy is completely separate from the waterproof part, you can switch up the inserts as much as you like to suit you and your baby. For example, if the nappy comes with two inserts like ours, you can use just one when baby is tiny, and add an extra one later on. You can also fold your inserts inside the pocket, adding more absorbency at the front for boys, or in the middle for girls.

  3. They’re quick drying. With some cloth nappies, the absorbent part of the nappy is attached to the waterproof part, which can make them very slow drying. With a pocket nappy, you remove the inserts from the nappy when you wash them, so they dry much quicker than all-in-one nappies.

  4. They look good! We’re biased, but we think our pocket nappies are some of the best looking out there! They have beautiful, fun prints designed by our founder Aless, and they’re slim fitting so they’ll even look great under clothing.

Who are pocket nappies best for?

Thanks to their simple design, pocket nappies are great for just about everyone. They’re particularly great for parents new to cloth nappies, since there’s not too much fiddling or folding, and they’re easy to put on. 

We also love them for childcare settings. As long as you send them in with their inserts stuffed inside and ready to go, most childcare settings will find them very manageable.

Finally, pocket nappies are also excellent if you don’t have much drying space. The inserts are often much quicker drying than some other forms of nappy, since the inserts can be hung separately to the waterproof outer.

How do I use a pocket nappy?

When it comes to change time, put your pocket nappy on following our fit guide. With pocket nappies, you’ll need to remember to remove the inserts from the pocket before you wash them, otherwise they can get stuck inside the nappy and won’t come out clean. Aside from that, you can follow the same wash instructions as you would for any cloth nappy. 

After your nappies have been washed and dried, you’ll need to match up your inserts and stuff them back into your nappy. Although this is a little extra work compared to all-in-one nappies, we find it quite a therapeutic process!

Can I use pocket nappies for anything else?

In a pinch, pocket nappies can also be used as swim nappies - just pop them on without any inserts in. It’s best not to do this too often though, since chlorine and salt can wear the waterproofing over time. (For regular use we’d recommend our swim nappies.) 

One question that often comes up with pocket nappies is whether they can be used as a wrap over a fitted or flat nappy. While this does work for some people, pocket nappies are a different shape to waterproof wraps and will often not fit over the top of a bulkier fitted or flat nappy. That being said, it’s always worth a try! Just be sure to wash the pocket after every use.

You can find our pocket nappies here, along with extra inserts here.

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