Let's talk cloth nappies! Q&A with Rosie - mama_and_milo

We caught up with Rosie - @mama_and_milo to talk all things cloth nappies. The myths, the realities and lots of top tips to help you get started using reusable nappies. 

Hi Rosie! Tell us a bit about yourself and your family.

I'm Rosie, a 30 year old new mama to my little boy Milo, who is 18 months old. We recently moved up to Yorkshire from London to be closer to family and return to our roots! We increasingly enjoy the simple things in life and love getting outside. We are increasingly conscious as a family of trying to reduce our impact on our precious planet! 

What made you decide to start using cloth nappies?

We wanted to get into cloth nappies to help reduce our waste! We want to live as mindfully as possible and enjoy a slower, kinder pace of life. As a new family we knew that changing from using disposable nappies (which we used for the first 6 months) to reusables would be one part of our life where we could make a change to benefit and help protect our planet. A few friends I met in a local postnatal yoga class were using them already and so it helped to get some advice from them!

Were there any local resources available to you that helped you when you started e.g cloth nappy libraries, local Facebook groups, Information at NCT etc

Some friends told me about a local nappy library, which unfortunately I couldn't use at that time because of the first lockdown. However a friend very generously lent me some of her nappies to try out, so that was the biggest help in getting us going. I had done quite a lot of research online but found it all pretty confusing and overwhelming initially. Being able to try some out was so helpful as you realise it is so simple, but that was the biggest help for us.

Before I started using cloth nappies I felt so overwhelmed by the variety of nappies out there, I didn’t know where to start! Was there anything that discouraged you from using them in the beginning and how did you overcome it?

Yes I think it was lots of 'jargon' and options that I found quite overwhelming and a bit off putting to begin with! I think my initial misconceptions before we started using them were that it was going to be really 'faffy' and too much extra pressure with a new baby but I was so pleasantly surprised at how simple and easy it is to use cloth nappies, and I wish we had started earlier! My worry about it being more 'messy' too is something I quickly realised isn't the case. We use disposable liners and being able to flush the poop down the loo actually feels much 'cleaner' to me rather than keeping it in a nappy bin or waiting to take it out etc. I think another thing I worried about was needing loads of cloth nappies to make it worthwhile and how much that would cost etc. but one way we did it was just to buy a few to begin with, and saw how we got on instead of investing a lot of money straight away. And then we have been able to slowly build up our collection so we have enough to do it full time now (other than overnight where we still use disposables). 


What would be your top advice for anyone thinking about using cloth nappies?

Try a nappy out for yourself! If you can't borrow one from a library or a friend then even buying just one or two different nappies to try out so you can see for yourself what a liner or insert is will be the most helpful thing to get going! You will very quickly realise how great, easy they are, as well as looking too cute!

Let’s face it, cloth nappies are cute. Do you find it addictive and have you ever given yourself a nappy ban?

YES! There are so many gorgeous prints, and I am a bit obsessed with seeing Milo in a cloth nappy. Obviously our favourites are Pim Pam! 

Finally, you are now a pro at changing your baby’s cloth nappy. What’s your best nappy hack?

I always make sure the new nappy is stuffed and ready to go with inserts and a liner right next to me before I take the old one off so we can do it as quickly as possible! Also for reusable wipes, we keep a little glass spray bottle with some water in to moisten our wipes on the go!  

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